Savernake Kitchen Knives

A Savernake Knife is fast becoming the greatest gift for cooking enthusiasts.  At the Savernake Knives workshops (situated  in the heart of Wiltshire on the cusp of Savernake Forest) the very finest British kitchen knives are honed using a combination of precision engineering and superior craftsmanship.  These workshops are a temple to the making of high-end British bespoke product. 

Due to its sensational performance and complete customisation to suit its end user, a Savernake knife is the chief choice of top chefs from award-winning, Michelin-starred restaurateur – Mark Sargeant – whose restuarants are known to be hot spot destinations, to Margot Henderson heralded as someone who “pretty much tells the story of all that is hip and delicious!”.

Here is a small selection of some of the most sought-after kitchen knives to give you a flavour of what can be ordered.  Each is infinitely customisable… As well as having the knife engraved with imagery, name or date (making the perfect wedding, anniversary, birthday, Christmas or even Father’s Day gift), the style and shape of the blade itself is tailored to suit its end user.  Different designs of handles range from those crafted from fused layers of varying coloured wood and Classic English Walnut handles, through to handles made from Corian or Richlite – which is compressed recycled paper stabilised in resin.

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